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  • Emina Helić Čamdžić

Katsura in Architecture

Author: Emina Čamdžic, BA Dip. Arch. MA

While exhibiting my work for the London Festival of Architecture, I found time to visit some of the other events that were happening. One of them was Face to Face with Memory at the Roca Gallery. It's hard to say was it more impressive to see the Roca Gallery in the afternoon light, or to hear the talks of Kengo Kuma and Studio Heatherwick.

I am not interested in writing about the basics of what the talks were about, but rather on the knowledge that was given to the audience through the talks. What is memory, what is to sit or stand face to face with those who without any suppression are giving their knowledge and share their designs with their future competition. Here are few theses to read about...

1.... katsura


  1. 1. "an ornamental East Asian tree which has leaves that resemble those of the Judas tree and light, fine-grained timber."

  2. 2. "a type of Japanese wig worn mainly by women."

Another meaning introduced to us by architect Kengo Kuma is what he learned from german architects, Katsura - "freier Geist" or "free spirit", or by google: EXTREMES in fortune, health and spirituality.

2... Book of Tea

"The Book of Tea (茶の本 Cha no Hon) by Okakura Kakuzō[1] (1906) is a long essay linking the role of tea (teaism) to the aesthetic and cultural aspects of Japanese life."

It is a book on simplicity in art and architecture.

3...Bruno Taut- German architect during the Bauhaus era.

Hyuga Villa in Japan as a mix of western and eastern style and his only work in Japan.

Hyuga Villa (Japan travel)

Hyuga Villa (Japan travel website)

Building in Berlin. Bruno Taut. (naturfarben blog)

Building in Berlin. Bruno Taut. (naturfarben website)

4... Kengo Kuma: "Weakness is strength."

"There are two types of architects: 1. those that want visual identity

2. those that give respect to the place."

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