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  • Emina Helić Čamdžić

Culture, Identity, Rebuilding and Future Visions

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Author: Emina Čamdžic, BA Dip. Eng. Arch MA

Keywords: connect, design, rebuild, resilience, future, culture, innovation, technology, growth. Borders can be visible. Borders can also be only in our head. But beyond all that is the world we live in. The research aims to explain and make us think about tangible and intangible. It pushes us between comfortable and less comfortable, adjustable, small place.

This research article further should makes us wonder about how people live now in the 21st century, the world is changing fast and only if we embrace positive change and adjust to become a better version of ourselves, can we and the society we live in make progress.

While I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, have also shortly lived and worked in Germany which is part of the EU, and visited/ lived in the UK which wants Brexit. And while I understand the new Euroscepticism of some EU countries, nowadays it is visible that there is such a scary growing fascisms and unwelcomeness towards refugees and migrants.

On the other side, my country wanted to be part of the EU so much to enable economy growth, educational exchanges, more democratic values, better opportunities and competitiveness and new possibilities. But I am also concerned what will happen if my country becomes isolated or becomes part of a changed EU that has mixed views on democracy. This is because, my country has not much plans on dealing with migrants and refugees that are flowing through Balkans and with more pace arriving to Bosnia - Herzegovina. This is visible in the last half a year, but much ignorance is put on this issue to be properly and adequately solved to disable the happening of any new humanitarian crisis to happen to those people.

Where and how to develop capacities to properly cope with such a situation? European Union and being part of it could help solving this issue, because it is evident that the migrant and refugees go through or stay in BH with or without BH being in the European Union. But if the EU closes, what will happen to their surrounding and how is EU then portrayed, because the EU is based on democratic values.

Each country in the EU is different, with different history and geographically some are quite distant in the union. Each of the countries in it must not and should not be nationalistic, nor populist, but to contribute to the bigger European picture.

For Bosnia and Herzegovina, the mission which the EU has helped and tries to achieve are to have a united, peaceful, prosperous country with a great export potential, growth, and have competitive trade of fish, raw hide, honey, sugar and apples to the EU. It has invested more than 3.5 billion euros in reconstruction, public administration reform, rule of law, sustainable economy, agriculture and other areas in BiH.

Many of the difficulties currently in the region can be overcome if all parts of the region are members of the union. The situation as a whole can be improved if there is the European perspective, because we the youth of the region who have worked together on various projects, all want democracy and to have a possible future for education, competitiveness, economy growth and exchanges.

Photos below are courtesy of Emina Camdzic' s work and publications.


Ovaj naučni članak je iz 2018. godine ( Dio je projektne dokumentacije za EUROLAB, European Forum of Culture u saradnji sa OMA ).


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