Design in all scales.

Energy - efficient and 

resilient projects.



Emina Čamdžić

22.04.2020 Completion on programme,

Stanford School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University.

09.04.2020 RIBA Certifications (Royal Institute of British Architects) for professional development.

I am passionate about architecture and I have a keen interest in sustainability in design and environmental issues.

Design in all scales.  Energy - efficient, resilient projects, freelance work. For project inqueries or details, contact on the e - mail below.

Want interior design, get in touch. Work by contract.

Strastvena sam za arhitekturu i interesujem se za oblast samoodrživosti u projektovanju i okoliš.

Dizajn u svim mjerilima. Samoodrživi, energetski - efikasni/ smart, "freelance" projekti.  Za upite o projektima i informacije, kontaktirajte na e - mail.  Rad  prema ugovoru.

Želite dizajn enterijera, kontaktirajte na e - mail:

71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina


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