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Participating and working on project Connecting Stolac, which is part of the project Bridges to the Future organized by CHwB BiH foundation. Making 3D and 4D models of architectural buildings, built cultural heritage or non - existing with archeological sites only.

My role in Connecting Stolac project: Analysis of the original project, documentation preparation, technical sketches and on-site measuring, comparation of the original cadastral plan and current on-site archeological building remains, Google maps, using virtual reality to showcase previous building of the Hamam with its surrounding cultural - heritage site in Stolac, 3D and 4D modelling reconstruction of the Hamam building and the surrounding area in Autodesk programmes, and additional parts needed for the smartphone application.

'Make It Yours' 3D modelling and 3D printing workshop, lecturing with secondary school pupils was part of the project Učini svojim, location: Sarajevo, by CHwB BiH foundation.

My role in Make It Yours project: touristic guide to national cultural-heritage sites in Sarajevo that are part of the 3D modelling project workshop, 3D modelling and rendering tutoring in Autodesk programmes.

Locations: Stolac, Sarajevo

The smartphone app ' Stolac - Cultural Route ' was open until 2019.

 Year: 2013 - 2019

Smart City Stolac; Make It Yours

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