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Set design with video projection, lights and graphic design for youth musical-drama piece "We Will Rock You" inspired by music of the band Queen. My project was presented at the ' Collegium Artisticum 2018 ' exhibition as the Project Beyond Competition.

My role in the project: set design sketches and set design production, project collaboration with theatre show director, lighting design, poster design, video projection sketches and presentation, using plastic foil for the set design to show environmental responsible design and recycling education for pupils in the show and the public, using as little as possible and only local theatre set objects for the set design.

Location: BKC Gracanica, BKC Tuzla and on tour in BiH

Set design and graphics: Emina Čamdžic, BA Dip. Eng. Arch MA



Status: Stage Built Design

Year: 2015 - 2018

Set design ' WWRY - We Will Rock You ' musical

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