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Art of Recycling AOR project 

NGO CESI creative project Art of Recycling including final project exhibition and panel discussion with local organizations and government on Year of Forests in 2011. To raise awareness on forests, climate, environment and recycling. Project collaboration and part of global initiative Make a Forests from The Netherlands.

My role in the project: project manager, project ideas and design production for five trees - artificial tree sculptures and part of creative team for project development, active part in project promotion and all meetings, blog writing on project for the main Make a Forest website and social media, book design and text for the projects Art of Recycling and Art of Green, AOR logo design, poster idea, communications with the Make a Forest main organizers and project artists.

Location: Sarajevo, BH

Status: Exhibition

Artificial trees are exhibited on permanent locations around Sarajevo since exhibition opening: 2012 - ;

Year: 2011 - 2013

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