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  • Emina Helić Čamdžić

Restoring Ecosystems on the International Mountains Day: Why It Matters

Updated: Apr 2


Photo © Eminent Atelier

     Today the 11th December marks the International Mountains Day with the theme ' Restoring Mountain Systems ' stating how mountains are the jewels of the nature that should be treasured. The United Nations in the year 2002 declared the 11th December the International Year of the Mountains, while mountains form one quarter of the world environment, and are the main resource of the world water supply and other resources.

     Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich in its mountains and their ecosystems, while at the same time should do more to protect and restore the natural ecosystems. One thing that is important when it comes to visiting mountains is if you take plastic and trash it should be in the trash bins, and not left in the nature.



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