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  • Emina Helić Čamdžić

Review - Climate Agenda at the Sarajevo Film Festival 2022

Sarajevo Film Festival official photo entrance

Top image is red carpet photo of the National Theatre entrance at the SFF. Official photo by the SFF

At the Sarajevo Film Festival which was happening in Sarajevo from 12th to 19th August 2022 were shown 235 films from 62 countries in 19 different programmes, while 54 movies had a world premiere. Was following the physical and online programme of the SFF (Sarajevo Film Festival).

Sarajevo Film Festival square and red carpet

Photo: Sarajevo Film Festival square and red carpet. Photo © Eminent Atelier

Many different films, from short films to feature - length films with different types of regional films, domestic films and Hollywood blockbusters.

What and how does the SFF affect climate change and also how could each and everyone of the followers of SFF contribute to the SDG Agenda 2030 was the question raised. 

SFF ' My Sarajevo my story ' area

Photo: SFF ' My Sarajevo my story ' area. Photo © Eminent Atelier

As the organizers themselves have stated that one of the new goals of the SFF is to be climate neutral by the 30th festival and according to the understanding to have a greater local influence on the energy efficiency of the town of Sarajevo and the reduction of climate change.

The goal and aspiration of the SFF is to reach so called Net Zero meaning zero pollution rate by the 30th SFF, cleaner air for all as the answer to the challenge of extreme pollution and global climate change and the organizers are actively working towards reducing the carbon footprint of the SFF.


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