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  • Emina Helić Čamdžić

Eminent Atelier Unveils BIM Project Design for a Demolished Villa in Mostar

BIM Project Villa Nardelli in Mostar

Image: the Villa Nardelli in BIM. Image by Eminent Atelier

Eminent Atelier has unveiled BIM ( Building Information Modeling )1 project design for a demolished private residential villa in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The top image shows the BIM project that was designed according to few existing data for the building Villa Nardelli that was demolished at the end of the year 2023. The BIM  project design was made by World Architecture Community's Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Reporter and architect Emina Čamdžić.

BIM Project Villa Nardelli in Mostar

Image of the Villa Nardelli in BIM. Image © Eminent Atelier

Despite the building not having any architectural drawings that are existing and accessible, this BIM architectural design by Eminent Atelier was designed according to data and the images that are available, as seen on the images below.

BIM models enable architects to understand the typologies of buildings that exist or have existed on a certain location, integrate and analyze environmental characteristics and understand the energy efficiency factors of the building and the location, easily create and navigate the building with 3D design,” said Eminent Atelier.

According to Eminent Atelier speaking about this green BIM project, is stated the following: “The BIM model shows that the building Villa Nardelli has a lot of sustainability elements integrated such as wooden doors and windows, lots of openings on a certain side of the house and the roof for daylight to the indoors, outdoor elements for a good comfort and a garden with fruits, other trees and green shrubs.”

Called “Villa Nardelli”, this residential building has had an architectural value and a cultural value, although the building was privately owned and therefore needed to be renovated in terms of laws that allow owners to renovate this building. In fact, buildings that represent heritage and have an architectural, cultural or historical value should or are mandatory to be listed and protected nevertheless the ownership. Meanwhile, Mostar as a town is challenged by degraded buildings that were left to be degraded by time and weather.

Shortly about the history of this building

The building was located in the centre of the town of Mostar in BiH , ‘ Villa Nardelli ‘ was built in the year 1931 as an example of a private individual residential building. This building was built according to the architectural project of the German architect Otto Linder2 for the Nardelli family. In the year 2013 the building was left empty and the terrain surrounding the building was flattened. While the building itself has value as a representative of a certain time with a good architectural project, this building neither revitalized nor adapted was left to stay degraded and later on at the end of the year 2023 finally demolished.

Villa Nardelli in Mostar

Image of the Villa Nardelli in Mostar, before demolition in 2023. Image © Mostar History

Villa Nardelli in Mostar

Image of the Villa Nardelli in Mostar, before demolition in 2023. Image © Bljesak info3

„ The connection with the surrounding area, the large orchard, vegetable garden and garden, which over time completely obscured the building of the curious view, shows tendencies that began to occur in the time of modernity and which were just based on assumptions about the importance of fresh air, light, need to connect the built and the outdoor space, introduction of nature into architecture “ – said Tatjana Mičević – Đurić, professor of history of arts about the building Villa Nardelli on this link.

BIM project design

Image: From above people with tablet and drafts. Image by Freepik (Free license)

Project facts

Project Name: Villa Nardelli BIM Project Design

Architect: Eminent Atelier

Completion Year of the BIM Project: 2024

Project Location: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Building Function: Private Individual Residential Building

All renderings © Eminent Atelier

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