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  • Emina Helić Čamdžić

London Festival of Architecture 2017

Author: Emina Čamdžic, BA Dip. Arch. MA

I will be taking part at this years' London Festival of Architecture.

More information and press release about the project, event space, opening of the exhibition, times and dates are coming soon. =) Here is a short info...

Two months ago after submitting my project for the LFA2017, I received an e-mail confirming that my project has been accepted to be part of the London Festival of Architecture. This has been incredible news for my work. One month ago, I received information that a gallery accepted to exhibit my project, which made me very happy. More information about my project can be found on the link: .

The news that my project is going to be part of the LFA was quite amazing, because this is the first time in 15 years* since this annual festival, that a project from Bosnia-Herzegovina is accepted and taking part at the LFA. Although there is no information nor support from the institutions here in BH on such project, I will still continue to work hard on presenting my project the best way possible.

Previously our neighbour countries, Croatia in 2010 has first exhibited with support from their institutions, and later on Serbia around 2013 with support from their organizations and institutions. Unfortunately, as far as there are informations, Bosnia-Herzegovina didn't have its projects at this major architecture festival.

It is the major event in architecture, after the Venice Biennale, and during the years the super-architects as are: Richars Rogers, late Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, Rem Koolhaas, Grimshaw, Daniel Libeskind, David Adjaye, Chipperfield, Kengo Kuma, Sou Fujimoto and many others have attended the festival.

Some information about the London Festival of Architecture:

"The London Festival of Architecture was founded in 2004, and is now firmly established as Europe’s biggest annual architecture festival.

The London Festival of Architecture 2017 will feature events across the capital from 1-30 June, and this year will explore the theme ‘memory’. The London Festival of Architecture celebrates London as a global hub of architectural experimentation, practice and debate, provoking questions about the contemporary and future life of the city, and promoting positive change to its public realm.

The London - wide programme is delivered by a diverse mix of architecture and design practices and practitioners, cultural and academic institutions, artists and many others."

(15 years* - Frank Lloyd Wright writing style. It's actually 14th year of the festival minus when it was the biennal.)

Event will be at the gallery:


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