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  • Emina Helić Čamdžić

The Role of Timber: Harnessing Their Eco-Friendly Benefits and Potential in Buildings

Park area

Photo of park area. Photo by Eminent Atelier

     Forest thinning techniques are implemented within forest areas. Pine trees are used for architectural construction. And the potential is enormous. Sustainability. As great air cleaners, tall pine trees eventually become visual marks in towns and cities, serve as significant surrounding on sketches, expressive striking environment of a certain place.

     Timber use in floor plans, ways of building design then planning of open areas, type of trees for shades, cooling, ventilation and fresh clean air. Also as a place for birds, bees and ants.

The European Green Deal for further investment plans and sustainability among mentioned includes a zero pollution ambition, restoration of ecosystems with building and renovating in a resource efficient and energy efficient way.

     In urban and spatial planning, trees in addition to green areas are parts of public and private green areas in land use depending on the type of land. Greenery. Goals and components of sustainable development.

     Even in housing design wooden elements are used when thinking about acoustics and sound proofing in design. Folding land areas of the built environment in relation to the natural environment and the closeness of the mentioned has quite an impact and is relevant in financial aspects. Think about how timber is used in scaffolding on building sites of big mixed – use multistorey buildings. Timber beams are widely used in architecture.

     Mentioned by the Harvard University course is that the effects of deforestation on the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

     Taking into consideration it is to conclude that pine trees and timber in architecture has a multiple purpose in architecture project design and construction, reconstruction, courtyard design and plot of land design.

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