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  • Emina Helić Čamdžić

Eminent Atelier Reveals Video for the BIM Interior Project

     „The video explores the potential of BIM in residential and office projects, interior designing with furnishing, taking readers on a journey through the residential and office interior, then reveals a summary of the project, using exclusively designed furnishing with specific products data, incorporating plants and sustainable interior elements which can be used in another project location“, is stated by architect and the London Festival of Architecture participant, Emina Čamdžić from Eminent Atelier.

Project blueprint

 Photo © Eminent Atelier

     The project is designed in BIM (Building Information Modelling)1 as a short video for this interior project and aimed to offer the possibility for a new vision of how BIM enables work on projects with products – specific data, recognizing as a possibility of creating digital representation of characteristics of the space.

More videos of this BIM project of interior design, have a look at the link.

Business meeting about project facts

 Photo © Eminent Atelier

Project facts

Project Name:  BIM Interior Project

Architect: Eminent Atelier

Completion Year of the BIM Project: 2024

Project Function: Interior Design of a Residential and Office Building

Video credits: Eminent Atelier

Direction & Production: Eminent Atelier


1.     Building information modelling. Retrieved 3 April, 2024 from ( Copy-Paste into your browser.



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